Our world is characterized by technological changes that influence every sphere of our daily life. In its endeavor to prepare school pupils for the future world of employment, the education system is required to harness technology that will help pupils develop the digital skills they will require in order to succeed.


Seal group provides initiatives that harness technology to create a meaningful educational impact that drives the continuously developing world of ed-tech. 

Seal group education and e-Learning products and services, combining unmatched skill and creativity, offers a wealth of advanced technological solutions to a variety of audiences, spanning education institutions to home users. 

Praised for its groundbreaking educational methods and content, as well as state-of-the-art software and systems, Seal group provides education institutions, organizations and business administrations wide-ranging and comprehensive solutions. Distance learning, administration tools, internet safety solutions, entertainment, training and authoring platforms, virtual classrooms, technological infrastructure, documentation and automatic distribution of live and recorded events, video libraries and archives, effective learning solutions and much more.