our story

Our Story


Since its foundation, Seal Group have been operating worldwide in the development, financing, construction, and management of medium and large-scale projects in high growth economies. 

Our group offers tailor-made solutions, based on the needs and the resources of each hosting partner and can tie together all the elements of project execution with successful results. With offices in Miami, Florida, Georgetown, Guyana and Tel-Aviv, Israel, Seal group offers a wide conceptual and geografic coverage for its costumers.

mission and vision


By empowering people, we enable them to fulfill their potential and to make the most of land, skills, and natural resources. We take pride on investing in projects that generate economic and social benefits for local communities, improving their standard of living by making accessible basic amenities, providing the training tools to obtain self-sufficiency, strengthen self-esteem and empower the people.

our values

  • Excellence – We live by high standards and create added value in what we do.
  • Empowered People – We create an environment in which individuals develop knowledge and achieve their full potential.
  • Ongoing Development – We grow beyond our limits through ongoing improvement, innovation and smart decisions.
  • Synergy – We encourage each other and together we achieve and contribute more